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Adding additional j2ee node

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
we are running BI 7 - abap+java stacks with 16 GB ram (recently added)
i would like to know what is the thumb rule for adding additional j2ee node?
when is it neccassary to add additional j2ee node?

The Best Answer

The JLaunch starts a Java program. It loads the JVM into its own address space and then represents the required cluster element. The program can receive notification from the JControl process via named pipes to stop the cluster element, and terminates, if the JControl stops running (fork emulation under Windows).
So Jlaunch consuming high CPU time means that server, dispatcher or bootstrap process consume it. If there are not enough system or application threads avaliable means that the engine must buffering requests for web application or system processes. Things to check in this case are:
SAP NOTE 1016241 - J2EE Engine hangs because of unsufficient system threads
SAP note: 716604  and upgrade JDK.
SAP note: 723909 -> set correct VM parameters
and if issue persists, then you will need to analyse the application causing teh leak...
SAP note: 1259465: Memory analyser.