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Add, delete and group fields in Application Area of transaction CIC0

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In the transaction of CIC0, I have the requirements of:
- Delete the field "Function" corresponding to the Business Partner 1, all the fields corresponding to Business Partner 2, all the fields corresp. to IBase, and the fields: "Address type" and "Fax" for Address.
- Change the title of "Business Partner 1" to "Third-Party".
- Add fields of: ZIP Code, Mobile Phone in the Adress.
- Group the fields of ***: Masculin, Femenin or Unknown, now in 3 different fields, in a combo.
So, I searched info in this forum, and it said to go to the trans. SMW0, copy the Object Web "CRM_CIC_SEARCH_DISPLAY", to a Z. So I copied it to: "Z_CRM_CIC_SEARCH_DISPLAY". 
I downloaded the .htm from Z_CRM_CIC_SEARCH_DISPLAY from this transaction, and I edited it to delete the fields not required.
So I opened the .htm in IE and Mozilla, and it showed good.
But, now it's the problem. I've read that in trans. CRM_CIC_SEARCH_RULE (or going from SPRO to this trans.), it should be linked the BPSEARCH Attributes, when appears "CRM_CIC_SEARCH_DISPLAY", put "Z_CRM_SEARCH_DISPLAY" (my Z).
So how should it be done?.
(I found this info here: CRM  IC Winclient - How to add new fields in the BP Search of TRX CIC0 ):
And for adding fields, should I editing the HTML, or should I add fields in these structures: CCMBP1FIELDS, CCMBP2FIELDS, and then editing the HTML and adding these Z fields, then editing the function module used for searching (it's found in SPRO, in Search Strategies)
To change the title of "Business Partner 1" to "Third-Party", I think it should be done in the HTML too, right?.
To group the *** in a combo, how should it be done?.

The Best Answer

I also need to add custom fields to Basic data view. After copying & changing the screen sequence in Config, I could able to see the custom fields in Basic Data view.
I have appended structure with custom fields to MARA table.
But the values I enter in the screen is not getting updated to the table MARA.
Can you please let me know the code, I should have have in PAI (Process After Input) module in the Sub Screen to update the values?