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Activity milestone actual date replacing schedule date

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
The last few years we have been using activity milestones. These milestones are offset from the early start date of the activity. We manually add the actual date and the schedule date would remain the same. We recently added some hot packs and now when the user puts in the actual date it also replaces the schedule date with the actual date. Reading throught some of the OSS notes it sounds like this is the way it works and the way it was working before the hot packs may have been wrong. I was just wondering if anyone really knows how the milestone schedule date and actual dates are suppose to work. We prefer that the schedule date remains the schedule date and not revert to the actual date. Any info would be appreciated.

The Best Answer

SAP stated that once the actual date is input then the schedule date would change to the actual date. They said this is how it is suppose to work but if we wanted to leave the sched date alone then there was a note we could put in the system. We did this and it works like we want.