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Acrobat Pro Extended 9.0.0 Admin Install Update

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
I am trying to update our deployment of Acrobat Pro Extended 9.0.0 to the latest patch, 9.1.3.
We are not deploying the updates via Group Policy, as our deployment of Acrobat Pro is "on demand", therefore I initially wish to update the administrative installation point.
I feel it important to point out that our software was downloaded from the Adobe Licensing site, and is not copied off any CD/DVD media.
My basic process here is:
Download the patch files for Acrobat Pro Extended for Windows, from Adobe:
AcroProExUpd910_all_incr.msp (no longer easily found on Update site as downloadable at the time of this post)
Of which, based on the article at I understand that:
9.1.0 is a quarterly update
9.1.1 is a security update
9.1.2 is a quarterly update
9.1.3 is a security update (assumed, as it came out in the wake of current security fixes)
Therefore, I think I need to update my AIP to 9.1.0, then to 9.1.2 (acceptable according to the release notes for this patch) and then to 9.1.3, thus completing my task.
My problem comes from running the patches on the AIP.  Normally I use a customised installation, but to rule that out, I am ONLY using the downloaded software - no local customisations applied using the Adobe Customisation Wizard.
Patching the 9.0.0 version to 9.1.0 using msiexec /a Acro3D.msi /p AcroProExUpd910_all_incr.msp WORKS!  Setup completes, no errors.
Patching the 9.1.0 version to 9.1.2 using msiexec /a Acro3D.msi /p AcrobatUpd912_all_incr.msp FAILS!  Setup reports a missing file in the, interop.adobepdfmakerx.dll.  Google search reveals unlikely sources to download this missing file.
Patching cannot continue, as 9.1.2 is a pre-requisite to 9.1.3.  I have the same problem with applying 9.1.1, though the above KB article made me ignore trying to get that to work.
Does anyone have any advice where I am going wrong?
After more digging around, it seems that the 9.1.x updates are only for Pro and Standard, whereas the 9.1 update is explicitally for the Pro Extended product.
All 4 patches will patch an "installed" version of the Acrobat Professional Extended product, however the 9.1.2 update will not patch the administrative installation point, presumably because of the different version (Pro or Standard patch, not Pro Extended patch), resulting in the error of the missing file.
The Adobe Security Bulletin clearly says the patches are available for Standard, Professional and Extended, yet the patches dont seem to work!  This is just nuts!

The Best Answer

I ahve a new Acrobat Pro Extebded
9.0.0 and I am running windows 7. I cant
update anything and when I go into the help menu and select the updates it tells me I am
not on line etc.
I have tried and downloaded the updates and just cant install as it tells me the programme is missing etc etc.
All I want is a programme that works and i cant be done with all the tech talk as all i am is a user and run programmes that do the job. can any one advice what I can do next with out have to be a programmer.