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Accessing the EAC in different sites

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I currently have an Exchange 2010 environment with a 3 node DAG.  All servers are 2008R2 and we have 2 production servers and one DR server (at a remote site).
I am working on upgrading our Exchange to 2013 and have installed 2013 SP1 on -3- 2012R2 production servers and -2- 2012R2 DR servers.  The install went smoothly and I have the new 2013 DAG configured with these 5 member servers.  I have configured
all of the virtual directories and everything else to get me ready for coexistence.
My question is this.  No mail has been directed to the 2013 servers yet and I have just been completing the configuration.  I am able to log into the EAC on the -3- production servers by browsing to https://server/ecp/?ExchClientVer=15 and logging
in with our service account that has a mailbox mounted on one of my 2010 production Exchange servers.  When I go to the 2013 DR server and go to that address and try to log in with the account, I get a ":-( Something went wrong" error.  I
can then mount the service account database on the 2010 DR server and it will let me log into the DR server EAC but then not the production server EAC.  Is this expected behavior?  Do I need to have a service account mailbox mounted on a server at
each site for administration?  I'm just trying to see if I misconfigured something or if this is expected behavior.  Thanks.

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Can you login by using the Exchange 2010 Server Url like
You may need to configure the proxy or redirection between the different sites:
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