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Accessing IRM Web Services with Coldfsuion

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We are looking to use the IRM web services with Coldfusion. Coldfusion abstracts Web Services calls through Java calls to the point of just setting up structures and calling the functions.
My question is about the process for building the correct parameters for the IRM services. I have the JDeveloper examples working but I can't make enough sense of what is goin on through all the calls to build the proper information.
What I don't understand yet are things like where do I get the server key and at what point do I authenticate? Do I need to do separate calls for these things.
I've captured a soap transaction for the update user example in JDeveloper and see there is a serverKey but no other authentication. Is this all I need?
The web services documentation mentions authentication needs to be basic authentication. Other than that there is not more info. Is there any other source of info?

The Best Answer

Sorry, things are a bit confused when it comes to Web Services (WS) documentation. At the moment (in 10g), it's mixed up with the older stuff in the Component API Help file. Also, apart from a few snippets and the JDeveloper examples, there is no WS sample code. We hope to address this in 11g.
The web services required HTTP basic authentication details to be set before the call is invoked. This will be the username and password of the sealing user, so that user will need to be configured to use Standard Auth, rather than NT Auth. How to set this depends on the web service stack used on the client, but with JAX-RPC there are APIs that allow the user name and password to be specified. e.g.
+// User name for authentication purposes+
+// Password for authentication purposes+
This snippet is in the Help file under the header "Authentication", or directly via:
As for the Server Key, each IRM Server has a unique UUID value. The easiest way to get this is to call the following web service method on the “ServerServices” web service port.
LicenseServer_ref reference = serverServices.getLicenseServerReference();
One you’ve obtained this it will never change (for the server you are using) and can be cached or stored for all future web service calls.
I think you need to have the auth properties set, and the Server Key handy, for most WS methods to work, but I don't think it matters in which order you get them.
Hope this helps,
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