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AccAD Audit events - explained

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Here is a list of messages
"DEVICE_ACTIVATED" generated during startup of AccAD device
"DEVICE_UNACTIVATED" generated during shutdown of AccAD device
"LINK_ESTABLISHED" every time one AccAD device connected to other - Wed Dec 7 07:23:33 0 INFO LINK_ESTABLISHED INFO_LOGS Link [1001,1002] is operational
"LINK_CANCELED"  - every time connection between AccAD devices broken - Wed Dec 7 07:23:33 0 INFO LINK_CANCELED INFO_LOGS Link [1001,1002] failed
"POLICY_DOWNLOAD_FAILURE" AccAD device failed to download policy part from repository
"POLICY_EXECUTION_FAILURE" AccAD device failed to execute part of policy
"SERVICEONHOST_NOT_FUNCTIONING" Backend is not available for communication ( communication failure reason is provided ) Tue Dec 6 13:12:32 WARNING SERVICEONHOST_NOT_FUNCTIONING INFO_LOGS Connection timed out
"SERVICEONHOST_ACTIVATION_DETECTED" Communication problems with backend was fixed e.g. backend is available again - Tue Dec 6 13:12:40 2011 WARNING SERVICEONHOST_ACTIVATION_DETECTED INFO_LOGS  Restored connection to server
"SRM_CONNECTOR_NOT_FOUND_ERROR" Reported each time when for particular service connector not found ( connector is a part of AccAD that creates sockets for communication with backend
"SRM_HTTP_AGGREGATION_TIMEOUT_ERROR" Generated in case if aggregation process in socket is failed with timeout e.g. client or backend stops to send HTTP header for example
"SRM_HTTP_HEADER_PROCESSING_ERROR" Received HTTP header is too long or in wrong format
"SUSPECTED_FLOOD" Currently unused, reserved for cases when download rate of sockets was adjusted
"VLM_SSL_VERIFICATION_FAIL" Generated when other AccAD device certificates are incorrect, could be DoS attack or attempt to hack
"VLM_DEVICE_ID_VERIFICATION_FAIL" Generated when device id in certificate is different from actual device id
"VLM_VERSION_VERIFICATION_FAIL" Generated when versions of AccAD devices are different
"VLM_INCORRECT_CONFIGURATION" Currently unused, reserved for cases of VMlink Manager misconfiguration, for example number of streams requested by user are unsupported
"VLM_ACCEPT_FAIL" AccAD Link / tunnel could not accept incoming connections or incoming connection is problematic. For example, two AccAD devices with same device id tries to connect to this device. Most popular reason for this audit event is incorrect link ip or port.
"VLM_CONNECT_FAIL" AccAD device fails to connect to specified AccAD device due various reasons e.g. check audit events generated by other device or check link ip / port
"COMPRESSION_ERROR" Compression / Decompression / Online Offline analysis errors reported under this category
"NODE_IN_CLUSTER_NOT_FUNCTIONING" One of nodes in backend cluster are not available
"NODE_IN_CLUSTER_ACTIVATION_DETECTED" node in backend cluster become available

The Best Answer

By default, the events are generated in GMT-0 timezone to allow distributed environment with machines in different timezones to record a coherent time.
You can add a formula in your reports to adjust to your timezone.
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