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A88XM Gaming 2133mhz ram compatability?

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
Hey guys. I have my system setup but im having to drop my ram to 1600mhz.
Looking at the compatability page it seems the highest speed the board officially supports is 1866.
My System is as follows
Athlon X4 860k
Patriot Viper 3 Low Profile 2133mhz (8GB Dual Channel)
MSI A88XM Gaming bios 1.4
Seagate 2tb SSHD
XFX R9 290 Black Edition
Windows 8.1 64bit
The bios sets everything correctly if I choose AMP and it will boot but whenever I try to download or install Anything I get corrupt files and occasionally a IRQL Not Equal BSOD.
I ran Memtest at 2133 and it kicks out loads of errors. At 1600 its fine.
I know that the Ram itself isn't an issue as it functions fine in my media centre with a Mini ITX ASrock board with no errors.
ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Or even if anyone knows of any particular ram 8-16gb that is fully compatable at 2133+ I will gladly go for that option.

The Best Answer

Quote from: Bernhard on 18-March-15, 00:28:48
Your processor natively supports DDR3-1866, above that is OC territory and no guarantees on whether it will go higher. Its dependent on your mem controllers capabilities.
Suggest you try with one stick first.
Set it manually to 1866 at and apply 1,575V. If that works, add the second stick.
If that still works, then you reduce the timings to and if you are still successful,, but that may become a gamble again.
Also if you really wish to try 2133 again, then loosen those timings to at least 11.
EDIT: The Patriot memory configuration and recommendations are non existent for your board. That means Patriot has not tested any of their memory for compatibility.
So that memory remains a gamble and only manually exploring with timings and voltages may find you a workable setting by luck.
Thanks for your suggestions. I know the CPU will work with it at 2133 with 11-11-11-30 as thats what it was before changing my motherboard to this MSI one.
I'll have a tinker and get back to you.
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