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A135-S4527 Battery plugged in, not charging

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There are 1000s of posts on the net but no solution is working. I'm summarizing the problem for those who are already frustrated by seeing solutions in the following order and did not work, so please do not provide any solution mentioned below 1. charger/cord/plug/outlet not working 2. battery dated non working 3. battery contacts unclean 4. restart / push power switch for 30 secs etc There are many where any of the above doesn't work as permanent solution. Sometimes it seems as working but it doesnt last for longer. Now stating the problem of mine specifically My battery was gone. I knew that when this started. The issue was, even if the AC Adapter is connected and the battery is ON and detected, it would always say x% remaining (Plugged in, not charging) - where x is < 100% . This message is so frustrating (even now I'm seeing this and I need to post before the battery gets discharged) Why would a AC Adapter not charge when it is connected and battery is charged less than 100%? Even if lets say a battery pack is not holding enough charge, it should attempt to continuously charge if the charge is less than 100% This has started when I upgraded the laptop Toshiba Satellite A135-S4527 to Win 7. I've replaced the battery with a new one and only thing I can charge the battery is shut down and keep the laptop with battery connected with AC Adapter. Since last few days even the red charging LED has stopped showing up. I've found that the problem is related to "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method battery" Have perfomed all sorts of instructions as given but none works Funniest part is when this message is on and battery is not charging while AC Adapter is connected, it is still drawing power off the battery as the % goes down and it simply knocks off when battery is fully discharged, completely ignoring that the AC Adapter is connected (Yes, it is connected as you can see the icon with the pin) I'd stop here for some advise before this goes off again. Thank you so much for your attention
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This method did not work for me.  I found a Youtube video that shows 12 steps to follow.  It worked.