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A11-ST3500 :: missing Win login dialog, jumping cursor, delayed file saves

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Greetings.  Lifelong HP user.  Decided to try Toshiba for employee and myself. 
Went online and configured Tecra A-11SP3500.  Have had nothing but problems.  Mainly after it goes to sleep mode, when I try to wake it, I get the background screen with no log in.  Must take the battery out in order to reboot.
As has happened twice as I have been typing this so far, the cursor jumps all over the screen. 
Both issues are common with both laptops purchased.
Then there is the lag when I attempt to save anything.  "Save As" screen pops up, "Not Responding" pops to the top of the screen and 10-15 seconds later it will save.
I am running very little on the machine.  Office 2010 and little else.
I have contacted support thrice.  Had trouble locating model # as all that is on or in the unit is A-11 but all listings have a suffix afterward.  Finally got support on third call, to help locate the support page and a model number via the s/n.
Reloaded OS once after initial install.  Upgraded bios and drivers.  All to no avail.  Support seems to know or care very little about the product or problem.
Any suggestions are welcomed.  I am a very disappointed customer and wish I had stuck with HP.

The Best Answer

Hi Ross,
Have you tried calling back support (800-457-7777) after reloading the OS and updating the BIOS and drivers?  If not, I recommend giving that a shot, along with looking for assistance from this user community.  
If the Toshiba tech you speak with can't resolve the issue then they should either escalate your call to a higher-skilled agent or refer you to a repair center, if they determine that there is a hardware failure.  Send me a Private Message with your name, phone number, and laptop's serial number if your call does not result in a suitable resolution.
I understand your disappointment but am renaming the Subject of this thread to something that describes the problems you're reporting, since that is much more likely to lead to finding help here in the forums.