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A question about web service

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hi experts,
I develop a web service based on abap FM. When the 3party programs call it, user need to input the username/password.
can I config sth for the web service, and user don't need the input user/pass?

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Hi Michael,
I understand you are worried about security (i.e.people accessing the Service anonymously is something you want to avoid).  Also, you don't want the people to have to manually authenticate themselves (i.e. enter a User ID and Password) to execute the Service.   In this case, you need to use a more sophisticated authentication technique like X.509 SSL Client Certificate or SAP Single Sign On Ticket.  This is a complex subject and not suitable for discussion here.  Here are links to topics that could get you started.
1. SAP Help Portal link to the topic Security Aspects for Web Services:
2. SAP Help Portal link to the topic Making a Web Service Secure:
I hope this helps.
Best Regards,
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