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A fix to personal web domain name problem between iWeb and GoDaddy

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
There are numerous posts about problems with iWeb understanding both your personal name domain with and without the www.prefix. After five days, 25 calls to both Apple and GoDaddy where I was getting much conflicting advice even within each organization, and I experienced many problems such as the site not being found and iWeb asking for password authorization whenever anyone visited the site. The good news is that I was finally able to resolve the problem with these simple steps:
First, check that your Web site actually exists by going to
If that works then you need to set up a forward in GoDaddy.
In GoDaddy's account manager, make sure that the forwarding address is set to This must be the same address that you just checked through your browser. (I also advise you to NOT USE the .ME designation that Apple is moving to. It's not solid yet. .MAC will work for a long time. It's that will work).
Then click on the Total DNS Control and MX Records link.
This is where my instructions that work differ from many other instructions, but heed my advice and you'll save a lot of time.
Look in the CNAMES area and make sure that the www host alias points to "@" and not to anything else such as "" or "". If you don't have such an entry, then create one by clicking on the "add a new CNAME Record"button. Caution - if you don't use the "@" (at sign) here you WILL run into trouble where your custom domain name will only work WITHOUT a "www." prefix. (While this may not be a problem for your mac friends, most everyone using a PC will think they need to type in a "WWW." and that will cause a problem).
Then if you wish, you can also go back into your domain forwarding area and click on the masking tab and click to enable masking. This will make your url only show the short personal domain name rather than the very long iWeb mobile me URL appended with your personal domain name.
Confirm your entry, and then wait anywhere from 20 minutes to four hours or more for the tens of thousands of servers around the world to repopulate those instructions. I was able to see a change take place in minutes where my associate in another state didn't see the change for two hours. Don't worry, just wait.
If you do this, you should be able to then go to your Web site through either or
Good luck!

The Best Answer

I was finally able to resolve the problem with these simple steps:
Many people would not be interested in using url forwarding/masking as you suggest to solve this issue, since that makes it impossible to bookmark individual pages of your site. For those who do wish to set the www CNAME to, I think the problem can normally be solved by also setting the @ A Record to