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8830..Moving e-mail messages from Inbox to other folder

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
On my 8830...When I move e-mail messages from my Inbox to a different folder (under Inbox), they disappear totally from my laptop e-mail rather than mirroring what I did on my BlackBerry.  On the flip side, if I move messages from my Inbox to another folder on my laptop, it does mirror on my BlackBerry.  My e-mail is Outlook 2003, running on my company's Microsoft Exchange Server.  Please help.

The Best Answer

Since you have folders under your Inbox, I can only assume you're on a BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) setup receiving your Corporate email.  If that's not the case, I can't figure out how you got folders under your Inbox, and have NO IDEA how you're getting the results you're getting as BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) email accounts can't have folders!
You most likely don't have reconciliation enabled for the folders you're moving your email to.
Go into Messages, hit the [Menu] button and select Options --> Email Settings.  Hit the [Menu] button and select Folder Redirection. 
You should see your Mailbox at the top with a + to the left of it.  Highlight that line, hit [Menu] --> Expand to display the main folders under your Mailbox.  Your Inbox should appear with a Box next to it either checked or filled in. 
Highlight Inbox, and again hit [Menu] --> Expand to display the folders under your Inbox.  All the folders under your Inbox, and the boxes are probably unchecked or not "filled in".  Scroll to the folders you want reconciled with your BlackBerry and hit [Space] to check or fill the box next to it.  Use [Menu] --> Expand if there's a + to the left of the box to expand subfolders.
Once all the folders you want reconciled are checked or filled, hit [Esc] and save.
Now your email won't dissappear when you move it!  You should also notice in the Messages list that email in folders other than your Inbox have a folder icon rather than an Envelope icon.
And before you ask...  The BlackBerry does NOT SYNCHRONIZE, it Reconciles.  Email is pushed to the device ONCE, and only changes to the status of messages are transmitted after that.  Moves will only be reflected after you've turned Reconciliation on for a given folder.  BTW - emails you moved that disappeared should have been in your Deleted Items folder.
Reconciliation rather than Synchronization saves enormously on data transmission ($) as well as Battery life.  Believe me - we have both BlackBerries (Big Wigs only) and Windows Mobile (the rest of the 25,000 peons) devices at my company, and the most common complaint about the Windows devices is battery life, and HUGE costs when the device is overseas!