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8600 Won't Print to Custom Size Envelopes

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I used to have an HP Office Jet 7410 and was able to print all the addresses for my holiday cards on custom envelope sizes - nothing too out of the ordinary, but not #10.  I have now upgraded (or at least I thought I was upgrading) to the 8600 Premium printer and spent hours trying to print to custom envelope sizes.  Even after over an hour with tech support trying to help they finally told me the envelope size was not supported by this printer.  She did try to trick it into using a different printer driver but that did not work either.  I find it hard to believe that a high end all in one printer like this cannot do what the much older version did.  Is there a workaround?

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I have tried to install the deck jet 9800 as you suggested.  I am using an ethernet to connect and run as I otherwise use it wireless.  It is not sending to the printer.  I have 125 wedding invitation envelopes to print and am ready to pull out my hair.  Please help
AlwaysNeon wrote:
Firs, here is a document on changing those print drivers :
Additionally, yes you will lose some functionality through those driver (such as scanning), however there is an easy solution to that problem. Just install both drivers on the computer and only use the alternate 990c (or Deskjet 9800) driver only when you want customized envelopes. 
For the second question, I cannot speak for the company or their decisions in the future, I do know that the feature was removed to cut down on hardware problems and because of that our printers have become more reliable. 
I hope you have a great day! 
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    I used to have an HP Office Jet 7410 and was able to print all the addresses for my holiday cards on custom envelope sizes - nothing too out of the ordinary, but not #10.  I have now upgraded (or at least I thought I was upgrading) to the 8600 Premiu

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