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5 Apple machines don't see each other with Bluetooth

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
I was hoping to use my keyboard with my iPad in the garden today, but they didn't connect.
To try and find out which machine is faulty I brought in all our Apple's with bluetooth: my iPad1, an iPad2, my iPhone 4, an iPhone 4S (all with the latest software) and my keyboard.
To my surprise each and everyone failed to see another machine.
'Searching' was the message on all the displays, and after some 10 minutes I gave up.
Anyone any idea what might be wrong here? I don't understand any of this.

The Best Answer

Well, I wouldn't expect the iOS devices to see each other over BT, unless you were going through the Personal Hotspot feature. Those devices don't connect to each other over BT for any other purposes except tethering. You can connect them over BT from within certain apps for specific purposes such as transferring photos but, again, the connection is done from within the app.
So, the only real issue here is why the keyboard won't connect to the iPad. Is the keyboard currently connected to another device such as your computer? If so, disconnect it.