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2nd hand iPhone 5s. Prompting for previous owners apple ID on restore.

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I recently bought an iPhone 5S 2nd hand. I was told that the person selling it had recieved 2 for Christmas and so was selling one. I have since got the phone and noticed that although the previous owner had deleted messages, contacts etc he had evidently used it as his Apple ID was still logged in and call history, emails, photos and music was left on the device. I restored the iPhone so that I could wipe it and set it up for myself but on restore I am being asked for the previous owners Apple ID in order to proceed.
I now believe the previous owner has probably sold his own iPhone and then probably plans to claim it was lost / stolen so that he can get a new one on insurance. I have contacted the seller and asked for a refund / his Apple ID details but he has not replied to me.
Is there anything I can do about this?
Thanks in advance for any help!

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Ah this is really depressing. I think the seller falls into both the idiot / scammer camp. I think he plans to claim it lost on insurance and therefore get a new phone while keeping the money he mad on the sale. I don't think he realised that I wouldn't be able to use the phone and therefore this fuss would be kicked up.
I've contacted the seller for a refund and said I'd have to contact the police if he didn't reply so hopefully he gets in touch so I don't have to go down this route but the fact I've yet to have a reply makes me think he is going to go quiet.
Luckily the emails he left on the phone include a CV with his contact details / address on so I'll be able to at least give the police further details. I've made it clear to the seller that I have these details so hopefully he'll come through.
Thanks for your help.