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2560x1440 quit on macbook with miniDP to DP

Update:10-11Source: network consolidation
My macbook quit displaying 2560x1440. It is a late 2009 13 inch notebook with the NVidia GeForce 9400M graphics.
I connected the display to another mac to learn that the display and cable worked perfectly. Therefore, the problem was with my macbook.
The fix: I reset the PRAM and reset the SMC. It was the SMC that was confused since the display did not work at high resolution after resetting the PRAM. After the reset of the SMC, the macbook displayed the choice of 2560x1440 and the display worked at 2560x1440 as it had before.
To reset the PRAM: Shut down the macbook. Hold option-command-p-r  to get computer to reboot again. Release the keys to allow the computer to power on.
To reset the SMC: There are different scenarios depending on what mac you have. For notebooks with non-removable batteries, connect and make sure that power is on with the mag safe power cord. Shut down the notebook. Press shift-opt-ctrl-poweron. Release these. Press power on button to start the notebook with a new SMC.
This worked for me.
PS: Connection to the display was via a miniDP to DP cable. (note that the large end on that cable has prongs that prevent it from leaving the socket in the back of the monitor. This made it very difficult to remove the cable. I removed the prongs with a file. The connector does not need the prongs, and I often need to disconnect the cable.)

The Best Answer

It may be a bad cable.
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