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2003 eMac and 23inches new Apple display compatible?

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I just got a new display (23in Apple) and I would like to plug it in my eMac
which only seems to have a VGA oulet,
Does anyone know of an adaptor that could do the trick?
Couldn't see any on the Mac online store.
Thanks a million for any suggestion.

The Best Answer

There are VGA to DVI converters, but they run about $300.00 US (you can find one such here). And your eMac doesn't support extended desktop, only mirroring, so unless you install a firmware hack (which you use strictly at your own risk), you would get the same picture at the same resolution as on your eMac's screen. Even with the hack, I'm not sure if the eMac would support the 23" LCD's resolution.
So it's up to you whether or not it's worth it. You could probably sell your eMac and combine that with the cost of the converter and buy a new Mac mini which would support that monitor directly.