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1 app, 2 iPhones

Update:11-30Source: network consolidation
If I purchase an app. Am I restricted to installing it on only 1 iPhone?
Or, am I allowed to also install them on my wife's iPhone?

The Best Answer

Ok, let me make sure I have the work flow right.
1) from wife's computer log into iTunes under my account name
2) disable auto sync (under preferences)
3) connect MY iPhone to her computer
4) DO not sync
5) Go to File and transfer purchases made on this iPhone to this computer (her computer)
6) This will copy all purchased apps and content to her computer
7) Disconnect MY iPhone
8) Connect my WIFES iPhone to HER computer
9) Select the apps we want to sync on her computer
Once the sync is complete should we do a backup of her iPhone to the computer?
Will this make her eligible for any updates to the application software?