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  • How do I fix quality of photos in iMovie from iPhoto? Update:08-30

    I am a first time poster here and I'm not very technical with computers but if someone could please explain this to me simply I'd be very appreciative. When trying to make a slideshow from pictures I took, with all the effects and such in iMovie, I'm

  • Pixel pipe n900, does it work? and how? Update:08-30

    Hi, I was looking for a method to easily upload photos on my flickr account, i saw on ovi store pixel that should do that, I installed it but i can't find it, the app should be installed I can see it if I try to uninstall it through application mange

  • When I put pictures in Finder from iPhoto, it keeps putting pictures on top of one an other making the bottom ones hard to get to. How can I get it to stop? Update:08-30

    I need that to stop so I can work with the pictures.If it's on your Desktop, click on the desktop, go to the View menu, Sort By - Name (or whatever you'd prefer). Same thing if it's in a different folder - just click in the folder first, then use the

  • Empty frame showing in slideshow from Iphoto Update:08-30

    I created a album and when i click slide show, the first picture is an empty frame with an exclamation mark in the middle of it, and I can't delete it to begin the slide show... helpbullys The ! or ? turns up when iPhoto loses the connection between

  • Trouble sending photos in email from iPhoto Update:08-30

    says my email username/password combination are wrong and won't send photos in email.  My username and password combination are correct.  So, not sure what to do next.  All parameters are configured the same as I have in Mail app, which worksOr IMHO

  • Duplicate photos now in Photo from iPhoto Update:08-30

    Hi, I uploaded photos from my Mac to my iPad(3) using Photosync. The album appears nicely under Albums in the Photo app along with the pics in Camera Roll. I then make my edits in iPhoto (latest relase). So then, in iPhoto, i have the pics with the l

  • Photos not sorted in iPAD from iphoto Update:08-30

    Hi, I'm trying to sync my photos in iphoto 9.5 with my ipad but the photo sorting order not coming the same as it's sorted in iphoto?!! Worth to mention, I just moved from my old MACbookpro to the latest one using time machine restore. in my old lapt

  • Opening files in PSE from iPhoto - Saving issue Update:08-30

    I opened my files to edit in PSE10 directly from the flagged folder in iPhoto. I noticed it was saving them to a weird numbered file but kept going. I can't find the folder ANYWHERE! How can I recover my edited pictures?I'm not sure what you're doing

  • Is anyone else dissatisfied with the new lollipop upgrade? Update:08-30

    I'm frustrated with the lollipop change to silence (mute) phone procedure!  And also frustrated that I can't find any DETAILED description of the upgrade changes to my phone and how to access/use them.  Anyone else?I am incredibly upset with the loll

  • Is MPEG Streamclip OK with the new QT update? Update:08-29

    hi there~! before installing MPEG Streamclip 1.7... i'd like to know if those of u having it installed already are having problems with the new QT update..... are there any conflict issues? ur comments are very welcome... thanksbefore installing MPEG

  • IPhone as a Ledger... Update:08-29

    How does one go about sending suggestions to Apple? I have a thought for the iPhone which may integrate well with their new iWork spreadsheet application (Numbers). I like to keep all my info on my iPhone - including my current balance in my bank acc

  • So did anyone hack the iPad and made it work with Flash? Update:08-29

    Hello Dudes & Dudettes, I basically need to write a Flash game that would work through the Safari browser on the iPad. Did anyone try to re-write the Adobe iPhone packager and make it work for the iPad? I am curious... ? Also anyone  knows if it is p

  • How does does Wireless and a Wireless card work? Update:08-29

    I bought an imac G5 1.8ghz We already have a BT wireless connection and I want to hook up to that. I gather that I need an airport card but I'm not sure how to insert a card into the machine there is a CD portal and ones for USB as well. How does thi

  • "OWN_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_GET"  how does it work Update:08-29

    hello ppl,       would like to know how this function module 'OWN_LOGICAL_SYSTEM_GET ' works with a suitable example , i will be grateful to whomsoever could give a detailed explanation , thanks in advanceHi, Starting Transactions Use You use this hy

  • Writing my own methods Update:08-29

    I'm trying to learn how to write my own methods and couldn't figure out what the problem is with the codes below. public class methodtry {     public static int myMethod1 (int a)           a += 10;           System.out.println("*** Method1, a is : &q

  • Writing my own droplet Update:08-29

    Hi, I am learning how to write my own droplet. In this droplet I have to take input from user as an integer value and then in output I have to print the values from 1 to that input valuue. Please help me regarding this. Regards, Prateek GIf I want to

  • NUMBER return types (Decimal/Int16/Int32) how does it work? Update:08-29

    We ran into a problem with a stored procedure returning the result of a select (using Fill method). Sometimes some data comes back as int32, sometimes the same data has decimal as datatype. We've been struggling to get the same datatype back all the

  • How does color work? Update:08-29

    Hi, just wondering how Dreamweaver works with colors. Example, I make a logo in Photoshop, import it into Dreamwaver. I change the surrounding areas to the corresponding hex code for my logo background, and Dreamweaver is a much lighter hue. MSPaint

  • How does CRC 16 with lookup table work? Update:08-29

    I have been try to get CRC16 with a lookup table to work but it does not match the CRC for a device I am trying to simulate.  I have attached the code any help would be great. Attachments: Binary to Hex ‏37 KBYou can't just say you need a C

  • FXML: fx:include / with resources attribute. How does it work? Update:08-29

    Hi, I am trying to understand FXML and I have trouble with using ResourceBundles / internationalization. I've made a common component, which relies on its own resource file, let's say in package "fxml", I have: Control.fxml Co

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