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  • Grey Screen w/ logo on startup, crashes in disk utility and FW disc mode Update:10-27

    So yesterday I woke my computer from sleep and launched firefox. After a few minutes it crashed and the froze. I restarted and got the grey screen with apple logo. Restarted many more times and would either get the grey screen with logo or if it mana

  • Why do I get a "Fatal Run Time Error: Out of Memory" after an hour while using RT on a PXI 8186? Update:10-27

    When I run this code with high speed DAQ+proccessing+control for over an hour in RT on an 8186, I get the above error. There were some arrays being built really quickly, etc. So I replaced these array initializations followed with "replace arrays sub

  • Putting slideshow on TV for presentation Update:10-27

    Hi I'm wondering if it's possible to put my slideshows on my TV to make a presentation. complete with songs and all that. How would I go about doing this?Hi dRudo, You can do that by Creating a slideshow with music > Share > Send to iDVD... from her

  • Pausing slideshow on TV Update:10-27

    Maybe this is a TV remote control issue, but when I play my DVD on the TV I am unable to pause the slideshow. I can navigate through the menus fine and go back or forward to slides, but just not pause. When I play it on the computer I can pause with

  • Run iPhoto slideshow on 2nd display without 1st display going black? Update:10-27

    Hi there, I can't seem to find a clear answer on this one. I have just connected a 2nd display to my mac mini via the thunderbolt connection. When I put iPhoto 11 onto the 2nd display desktop and run a slideshow it plays on the 2nd screen but my 1st

  • Watching FC footage on TV, through HDV/DV deck Update:10-27

    Anyone know if it's possible to play an FC timeline on TV via an HDV deck? I have an old TV and want to use it to color correct. I'm using the latest final cut and a top-of-the-line sony HDV/DV deck. Using the decks RCA video out jack, I can see foot

  • Iphoto slideshow on a CDR? Update:10-27

    is it possible to put a slideshow i made on iPhoto on a CDR?Many set top DVD players can display slides but not in the manner you're looking for. Those players can take a CD with just jpg files on it and display a very rudimentary slideshow, no music

  • Slideshow on tv with accompanying music Update:10-27

    How do you get music to play along with a photo slideshow either on tv or on the ipod itself ipod 5th generation 30 gb    First, make a playlist with the music you want to play. Then, go to Photos/Slideshow Settings/Music and select that playlist. Al

  • Installing OS on wiped PowerMac G4 Using Target Disc Mode? Update:10-27

    Hi, My parents recently bought a new iMac, and I decided to wipe their old PowerMac G4 and reinstall an OS (either 9 or 10.2) with the hope of improving functionality. I wiped the PowerMac by booting it in target disc mode and using the disc utility

  • Watching my nano slideshow on tv Update:10-27

    how,if able at all, do i watch my nano slideshow on the tv that is hooked up to the same reciever am currently listering to my nano with?As mentioned, the nano does not have video out capability so you can not view your pictures on the TV as a slide

  • Can't use Target Disc Mode with Imac Indigo? help Update:10-26

    So after holding off on buying a new imac for over 5 years I decide to pick one up. I restarted the intel imac in target disc mode. After doing that. My old imac gives me a message saying it can't read the contents of the hard disc connected through

  • TS3173 i created a windows partition that was too small and cant install windows... how can I boot on my mac drive to correct this... my computer is defaulting to the windows partion... tried f1 f7 f12... Help Update:10-26

    i created a windows partition that was too small and cant install windows... how can I boot on my mac drive to correct this... my computer is defaulting to the windows partion... tried f1 f7 f12... HelpBoot Using OPTION key:   1. Restart the computer

  • Cannot connect my new ipad to itunes Update:10-26

    plug in my ipad to itunes and it tells me the usb will not work and it does not show on the left hand side like my iphoneDo you have iTunes 10.7 or higher installed on your MacBook Pro? These are required to sync a device running iOS 6.0.1.Read other

  • How to disable Guest User Login Update:10-26

    All of a sudden I have a "Guest User Account" on my login screen.  I never enabled it, and it wasn't there before.  I checked my Users preferences and it clearly shows the Guest User Account is disabled (nothing checked).  Any ideas how to remov

  • How to change the order of reviews in iTunes for iPhone? Update:10-26

    The settings recently changed for my iTunes account.  At first it would show me the most recent reviews. Now it shows me the reviews it backwards (oldest-recent).  How do you change it?There doesn't seem to be a way to sort them, but I wish Apple wou

  • How to change the order of pages according to their order in the tabs? Update:10-26

    Hello.There is a file pdf, contains bookmarks, but the pages in the document are not consecutive. How to do that, they were going after each other strictly in order as in the bookmarks? Acrobat reader 8Yes, but I have a 1200 page document, it's not r

  • Imovie Novice:background music on iphoto slideshow - help :/ Update:10-26

    It's my very first time using Imovie.. i have taken some photos that i want to upload to youtube/vimeo.... its a slideshow of 10 photos but i wanted to play a song in the background that about 3mins long..the song stops abruptly when the slideshow fi

  • Powerpoint pres. on tv monitor Update:10-25

    Hello: sorry if this is a stupid question... I'm running mac os 10.3.9 on a g3 powerbook labtop with 192mb/400mhz and I would like to hook up to a tv to do a powerpoint presentation. do I need extra software for this?? how can i set this up? Is this

  • Playing  movies on tv  via laptop Update:10-25

    can anyone help, i am trying to watch movies that i have downloaded onto my laptop, on my t.v. using s-video cable plus audio leads. I can hear the sound but cannot view the picture.It appears that you've got a problem using your Toshiba laptop. So,

  • Playing Quicktime on TV. Update:10-25

    I have Quicktime Pro 7.1.3 and would like to know how to play an animated movie I've created, on TV via a DVD player. I've tried a few export formats,codecs etc. and then copied to CD or DVD without any luck. Can anybody help? G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)

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